Winter Hatches Fly Fishing Club formally ended its activities in October, 2019 after almost 30 years of operation.

Winter Hatches was a club for people who enjoy fly fishing. Its aims were to:

  • promote the sport;
  • learn from well-known fly fishing masters;
  • exchange ideas on issues related to fly fishing;
  • attract people to the sport;
  • share fly fishing experiences and skills; and
  • enjoy fly fishing while being mindful of our fragile environment and its fisheries’ resources.

Each season, Winter Hatches offered an exciting series of talks and slide presentations on topics ranging from exotic locations to great fishing spots right here at home.

Fly Tying Classes
Fly tying is the “other side” of fly fishing. The Club focused a lot on fly tying. Some of Toronto’s best fly tyers freely shared their tips and approaches. Hundreds of Ontarians learned about fly fishing and improved their fishing technique through fly tying.

The Club supported the environmental conservation work of organizations dedicated to protecting, maintaining or restoring cold water fisheries in Southern Ontario. Club members volunteered on countless conservation projects.
The Club provided financial assistance to selected conservation groups and activities.

Club Outings
Each year the Club hosted outings to local fishing areas.

As provided by its Constitution, the Board of Directors has transferred the Club’s assets to the two remaining fly fishing clubs in the GTHA whose aims and organization were closely aligned with Winter Hatches: Izaak Walton Fly Fishing Club and Hamilton Area Fly Fishers and Tyers. If you live in the Greater Toronto area and are interested in fly fishing, please consider joining and supporting one or both of these organizations.

To all former Winter Hatches Fly Fishing Club members and supporters: thank you for 30 great years!