Looking for somewhere to flyfish in the dead of winter?

Is the corner of Bathurst and Lawrence close enough?

Where to find us – map

As with most fish, flyfishers can’t live long out of water…so here’s how to “stay wet” in Toronto between fishing seasons: meet with us at the Winter Hatches Flyfishing Club. Through the fall and winter, our club anglers gather to share tips, tactics and talk about trips. We always welcome new people, whether you’re an old pro or just a beginner. Come and see for yourself. Visitors are welcome.

Winter Hatches is a club for people who enjoy fly fishing. Our aims are to:

  • promote the sport;
  • learn from well-known fly fishing masters;
  • exchange ideas on issues related to fly fishing;
  • attract people to the sport;
  • share our fly fishing experiences and skills with each other; and
  • enjoy fly fishing while being mindful of our fragile environment and its fisheries’ resources.

Each season, Winter Hatches offers an exciting series of talks and slide presentations on topics ranging from exotic locations to great fishing spots right here at home.

Fly Tying Classes
Fly tying is the “other side” of fly fishing. This is what makes us different: we focus a lot on fly tying. You truly can’t “match the hatch” unless you know how to create¬†your own imitation of what’s hatching. We are always ready to help people learn¬†how to tie. We offer hands-on fly tying sessions for intermediate tyers. Some of Toronto’s best fly tyers willingly share their tips and approaches.

The Club supports the environmental conservation work of organizations dedicated to protecting, maintaining or restoring cold water fisheries in Southern Ontario. Club members are encouraged to volunteer on conservation projects.
Any surplus money is given to provide financial assistance to selected conservation groups and activities.

Club Outings
Each year we host club outings to local fishing areas.