Materials March 2018

Shipman's Buzzer

HookDry fly - Sizes 10 to 16
ThreadColour to match body: olive, black, claret, cinnamon, purple, white, or orange
Tail and headAntron, or CDC, or foam in white or cream - acts as a shuck
Rib#12 or #14 silver tinsel, or wire
BodySeal fur dubbing or substitute
HeadTying thread under shuck


Highland Halfback

HookStreamer 3XL or 4XL, sizes 10 to 14
Thread6/0 or 8/0 Black or Brown
TailPheasant Tail Fibres -
Natural or dyed colours
RibCopper wire
Body ShellPheasant Tail Fibres
Body HackleGrizzly Brown or Natural Brown
BodyPeacock herl
Thorax HackleSame as body hackle
ThoraxPeacock herl
HeadTying thread
Weight (optional)Bead