Materials April 2018

Tying materials for tying Carp Flies (although the flies work great for other species too, especially Bass)
HooksGamakatsu SL45 Bonefish hooks in size 6 or 8, or
Knapek Czech-nymph/Grub hooks #6 or #8
ThreadsRed, Black UNI 6/0
BeadsTungsten Cyclops: 3.5mm, 3.0mm
Eyes#6 stainless bead-chain, Small lead dumbbell eyes
RibbingBlack, Red V-Rib. UNI Wire, small or medium size: copper, gold, black
Zonker stripsRabbit zonker strips in Red, Black
MarabouOlive, Burnt-Orange. Same colours in Grizzly, if you have them.
DubbingAwesome Possum (or similar) in Olive, Burnt-Orange, Black. Ice-dub or other course sparkle/UV dubbing in Black, Olive, Burnt-Orange
FeathersPheasant Rump, in Olive, Burnt-Orange, Black.
Ernie says: If I missed anything, I should have extra bits of material to pass around. I should also be able to print recipe sheets with fly photos on them to bring to the club tying demo. If anyone wants Knapek hooks, I will be bringing some for sale.