Materials February 2019

Tying the Improved Woolly Bugger

The Improved Woolly Bugger - Materials
HookStreamer style hook 2XL, 3XL or 4XL, preferably barbless, sizes 10, 8, or 6
ThreadVeevus 6/0, UNI 6/0, or equal - Black
RibSilver wire, medium
Weight.015 Lead-free Wire
TailBlack Marabou feather
Tail FlashPearl Krystal Flash
RibbingUTC Ultra Wire - Sculpin Olive or Olive - Brassie size
BodyMedium or Small Chenille - Black or Olive
HackleGrizzly Cock Feather
Additional materials for tying the Dog Nobbler variation
EyesBead Chain
Bring your own vise and tying tools. The Club will be providing most supplies.